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Cornerstone Audio

Laying a firm foundation for your Hi-Fi


Bringing the best from Europe, and the world to you

About Us

We are a Singapore-based hi-fi audio distributor and dealer

for leading European brands in the areas of Power, Mechanical & Electronic Grounding, Cable Looms & Audio electronics. We focus on on helping you get your hi-fi fundamentals right!

The brands we represent include: 

Bibacord (Sweden) | Highend audio cables

Black Cat & Graceline Cables (US) | Highend audio cables

Computer Audio Design (UK) | Ground Controls

Enleum (Korea) | Headphone amplifiers

Innuos | Digital Front-dnd

LAB12 (Greece) | Tube electronics

Life-Changer Audio (UK) | Icon AVC passive preamp

Music First Audio (UK) | TVC passive preamps

QLN (Sweden) | Speakers

Quadraspire ( UK) | Modular Hifi Racks

Sean Jacobs (UK) | Custom power supplies

Sonnet Audio (The Netherlands) | R2R DAC & electronics

Soundkaos Audio (Switzerland) | Speakers

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ICON logo.png
Music First Audio Logo.png
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Morpheus Silver Front On.jpg
Sonnet Morpheus DAC (USB)
CAD USB I & II.jpg
CAD USB I & USB II cables
Bibacord AES.jpg
Bibacord Cables
- Spdif RCA or Spdif BNC
Power Cords
Morpheus + Hermes.jpg
Sonnet Hermes Streamer / Combo with Morpheus DAC
CAD GC1 x2.png
CAD GC1 + GC cables
Quadraspire Qplus.jpeg
Quadraspire QPlus isolation

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Email:  /  Whatsapp: +65 8890 4885   

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