About Us


Our mission is to support the growth of your Hi-Fi by addressing the fundamentals of system-building.

I have been an audio enthusiast for the last 20 years (more than half my life actually) and have gone through the same journey that every audiophile has. We agonise over many decisions: digital or analog? Tube or solid-state? Pre-power or integrated? Stereo or mono?

We seek advice from many sources, yet no two people hear exactly the same way, or have the same preference. 

Past a certain stage, you may find yourself going in circles, going sideways rather than finding that quantum leap you were hoping from your new amplifier, or dac, or turntable. 

How to break out of this vicious cycle? 

Building a Firm Foundation: A Strategic Approach to System Optimization

This article changed my outlook completely.

It is my belief that, regardless of your audio preferences or the current level of your hifi, your ears and your enjoyment will benefit by addressing these key fundamentals. 

You will then better hear the benefits of that new amplifier, and possibly save money in the long-run!

Read the article and let me know what you think!